Pre Battle DialoguesEdit


Scorpion: Foolish Robot Out of My Way

Bubbyaustin: Hmm You Seemed Worthy For My Opponent

Scorpion: I'll Crush You Like Sub-Zero

Bubbyaustin: Very Well I'll Destory You!


Zalgo: A Ninja? No Matter You Will Bow Before Me

Scorpion: Bow Before You? In Your Dreams

Zalgo: What Did You Say? That's It Prepare To Die!

Zero TwoEdit

Scorpion: An Bloody Angel or Not You Will Die

Zero Two: How Much Foolishness Can You Have?

Scorpion: How Dare You!

Zero Two: I'll Destroy You Like I Did With Kirby

Cinder FallEdit

Cinder Fall: And You Are?

Scorpion: I Am Scorpion, I'm Looking For Sub-Zero

Cinder Fall: You Should Feel My Wrath

Scorpion: Then You Will Die!

Slender ManEdit

Slender Man: Are You Human?

Scorpion: I Should Ask You The Same Question

Slender Man: I Am Not Human, I Am The Slender Man

Scorpion: A Creepypasta or Not You Will Die

Jeff the KillerEdit

Jeff the Killer: Oh Hello I Don't Think I See You Before

Scorpion: A Overpowered Kid? How Interesting

Jeff the Killer: Kid?! Now I'm Really Mad!

Scorpion: You Are Not Sub-Zero Prepare To Die!

The DidactEdit

Scorpion: How Many Robots Can Their Be?

The Didact: Hmph Fool You Don't Know What True Power is

Scorpion: Prepare Yourself


Scorpion: Pixelated Human? You Look Like Steve With No Eyes

Herobrine: I Am Not Human, I'm the Ghost of Minecraft And I'll Stop You

Scorpion: Prepare To Be Killed Ghost of Minecraft

Jason VoorheesEdit

Jason Voorhees: ...

Scorpion: An Silent Killer? I've Seen Better

Jason Voorhees: ...


Bowser: Don't I Know You?

Scorpion: An Mutant Turtle Who Just Beaten By Two Plumbers You Should Be an Easy Opponent

Bowser: I'll Crush You To Dust


Scorpion: So Your That Plumber That Just Defeated the Turtle

Mario: Hm? You Mean Bowser?

Scorpion: Prepare For the Worse Plumber


Luigi: Hmm You Don't Look Like Wario

Scorpion: I Do Not Know This "Wario" and Your That Plumber That Was Scared of Ghosts

Luigi: Whoa Hey That's in The Past Man!

Scorpion: Now I'm Your Worst Nightmare


Goku: An Ninja? You Remind Me of Naruto

Scorpion: Never Heard of Him

Goku: Is Time To Finish This!

Scorpion: Prepare To Die!

Jane the KillerEdit

Scorpion: Hmm An Female Killer, You Remind Me of Mileena

Jane the Killer: Mileena? Who's That? Never Heard of Her

Scorpion: Perhaps You Wouldn't Happen To Know About Jeff?

Jane the Killer: Don't You Dare Mention Him!

Michael MyersEdit

Scorpion: Another Silent Killer?

Michael Myers: ...

Scorpion: Prepare to Be Destroyed

Michael Myers: ...

Shadow the HedgehogEdit

Scorpion: A Black Hedgehog? I Wasn't Expecting of That

Shadow the Hedgehog: My Name is Shadow, The Ultimate Life Form

Scorpion: Ultimate Life Form? HA! What a Joke I'll Crush You Like a Bug

Shadow the Hedgehog: Behold My Ultimate Power!

Light YagamiEdit

Light Yagami: How Very Interesting

Scorpion: What's a Kid Like You Doing Here?

Light Yagami: I Ain't a Kid I'll Kill You Instantly

Scorpion: Then You Will Die!

Lelouch Vi BritanniaEdit

Lelouch Vi Britannia: Who is This Mortal?

Scorpion: You Seem Human But I Am the One Who Looks For Sub-Zero Now Out of My Way

C.C: [Beware of Scorpion Lelouch]

Lelouch Vi Britannia: I Hear You C.C, Hear My Words I, Lelouch Vi Britannia Will Destroy This Waste of Life

Scorpion: Very Well Then Prepare To Die!

Roman TorchwickEdit

Scorpion: What Are You?

Roman Torchwick: Just a Crime Boss and Wasn't Past Your Bedtime?

Scorpion: Dare To Mock Me? You Will Die!

Roman Torchwick: I'm Afriad That This is Where It Ends

King DededeEdit

Scorpion: What Are You Some Kind of Fat Penguin?

King Dedede: How Dare You Call Me Fat Nobody Calls Me Tubby!

Meta KnightEdit

Meta Knight: Are You A Knight Too?

Scorpion: I Am Scorpion a Ninja I'm No Knight Nor Demon

Meta Knight: Then I'll Kill You

Mecha SonicEdit

Mecha Sonic: Target Locked Must Destroy

Scorpion: Hehehe Alright I Like The Sound of This >:)


Scorpion: Another Human?

Vegeta: I Am The Prince of All Saiyans I've Destroyed Anybody Who Gets In My Way

Scorpion: Then Prepare To Die!


Frieza: Hmm Who is This?

Scorpion: I Am Scorpion, And I'll Kill Sub-Zero For What He Did

Frieza: Then I'll Destroy You!

Perfect CellEdit

Scorpion: An Android?

Perfect Cell: I Am Cell and I Will Absorb You

Scorpion: You Scum Get Out of My Sight